• We are Aston Infinity Corp.

    We are a corporation committed to principles of excellence, diversification, transparency and maximization of value created.

  • We envision the future

    We expand the possibilities of the future with a vision of market development, value creation and profitability for all different stakeholders.

  • We create.

    We create new worlds of opportunities for everyone to reach, committed to maximize competitiveness, output & shared value for Central American markets.

  • We develop.

    We develop businesses across industries and asset classes with a strategic scope and a central vision of general development for the region.

  • We stand out.

    We are committed to create value above benchmarks for all stakeholders and the company itself.

Some words about us


Aston Infinity is a corporation focused on developing valuable and strategic businesses in the Central American region. We characterize as a group of open-minded visionaries and highly talented professionals with a strong drive for creating new development structures at different market levels, as well as impacting with positive externalities the region as a whole in an integral way.

We own and manage a diversified portfolio of businesses regarding different capitalizations, industries and services, making us a well-balanced, high impact and high value corporation, enclosed in a strong development vision.

In Aston Infinity we envision, we create, we develop and we stand out from the crowd, regarding the implementation of shared value promoting businesses.

Our philosophy bases and promotes the benefits of creating shared value for different stakeholders at different market and social levels. We believe that we can promote this by creating valuable businesses across industries and markets that contribute to individuals, entities and the general social & economic environment with positive inputs like income, quality services, new diverse opportunities, economic dynamism and synergy between different agents.

Creating sustainable value through excellent business performance, while impacting positively the Central American region’s social problems, is Aston Infinity’s value proposition to the world.

Our Portfolio

Some of our current businesses in the market.

  • Axon Consulting Group

    Management, Investment, Legal, Political and Tech Consulting. www.axoncg.com


    Complex Data & Technology Generation.

  • Netcast Communications

    Strategic media communication.

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Portfolio Companies

Executive Team

In Aston Infinity, we select the very best talent to manage and develop our businesses; we make sure we always to integrate a mixture of energy, skills, drive, creativity and strategic vision. We strongly believe and invest in highly driven young talent who posses open visions of development and shared value creation.

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Some of our partners

We believe in synergy and cooperation between entities and people through strategic alliances, to reach common goals and maximize success.

History / Achievements / News


Founding of PRISM Data & Technology.

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Aston Infinity Corp. founds its second company, PRISM Data & Technology, focusing in the generation of complex data analyses with relation to the BIG DATA industry. PRISM provides to the market a high precision analysis, forecast and consolidation of raw data from various industries, formats, sources and locations for decision making (business intelligence) in the future of our clients, as well as research databases for scientific ventures.


Axon gets to represent major European consultancy firm in Central America

Axon becomes the exclusive representative of ILI for Guatemala. ILI is a major association of around 150 global companies from different sectors who besides developing relevant projects together also give consultancy to major global players. Some of the companies/entities that integrate ILI’s association are: INDRA, The Port of Barcelona, Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Catalonia, Mercabarna and FGC Ferrecarrils, to name a few.


August 2015, Axon gets major contract with relevant project in the C.A. region

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Axon Consulting Group gets corporate and technical consultancy contract from ODEPAL International. ODEPAL is the founder and promoter of the mega project “Interoceanic Corridor of Guatemala”, a venture of US$9 Billion (USD), which pretends to create an alternative to the Panama Canal based in Guatemala. This project contemplates the creation of two deep-water ports, one 372 km. railway and four oil/gas pipelines crossing the whole country of Guatemala by 2020.


Founding of Axon Consulting Group.

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Founding of Axon, the first company of Aston Infinity Corp. as the main company for structuring of businesses and corporate management for the group.
Axon besides managing and structuring to the inside of the corporation (Infinity Group), also sales knowledge and solutions to the general public, as well as acts as a strategic partner creating synergy for major players not only in the Central American region but in Europe and the United States.


Founding of Aston Infinity Corp.

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Founding of Aston Infinity Corporation from the hand of an elite group of talented professionals and visionaries promoting a change of paradigm in the Central American region’s general development.
Aston Infinity was intended from the beginning to be the mother corporation of the different businesses and ventures of the group.

What they say about us

  • « Great partners, excellent execution and vision. »

    Ivan Roa   Project Director – ILI

  • « If you are working with Axon, you are in great hands. »

    Darwin Telemaque   Port Manager AB

  • « Definitely an impressive team capable of turning big ideas into reality and true value. »

    Simon Canals   Investor

  • « Our projects with Aston Infinity Corp were overwhelming and seemingly far-fetched, but these guys certainly pulled it off and exceeded our expectations. »

    Pablo Cordon   CEO – Xiomesh

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